When the “balance” of “love” Decreases.


My own lines writing to, Balance of Love Decreases

You don’t belong to mistakes, I don’t either. Balance of Love Decreases
Both are humans, God is not you, not me either.
You blame me and I blame you.
But you look inside yourself, not even me. Balance of Love Decreases
Misunderstandings made distances in both.
Otherwise you are not bad either, and neither am I. Balance of Love Decreases

Sad Love Words & Balance of Love Decreases

In the bank of life.
When the “balance” of “love”
Checks of “laughter joy” then.
“Bounce” takes place.

Time went, but how it went.
Did not realize.
In the catastrophe of life
When was our age, friends?
Did not realize.

Sad Love Words

Shoulder children.
When did you come to the shoulder?
Did not realize.

The journey started from the rental house.
When did you come to your home.
Did not realize.

Hitting the bicycle paddles.
He was panting at that time.
From now on we are moving around in cars.
Did not realize.

Sad Love Words

There was a time when even in the day,
Used to sleep unaware.
When did the nights sleep away.
Did not realize.

On the black thick hair.
We used to hang around once.
When did they start turning white.
Did not realize.

Were wandering from rate to job.
When did you retire?
Time was not known.

Earn for children, save.
We got so excited
When did the children get away from us.
Did not realize.

We used to keep our chests full with full family.
His siblings were proud.
They all failed.
When the family got together on two of us.
Did not realize.

Now he was thinking about himself.
Do something for
But the body stopped supporting.
Did not realize.

My own heart touching lines for sad lovers

If not loyal then what happened?
Even traitors are always on their own.

Listening times,
We do not change our ways.
I believe in God,
Like this, God does not change again and again.

Making me fall.
The leaves have explained that,
If you become a burden
They also drop their own.

After praying to the prayer
Take your time.
Seeing his mercy.
Often the scales break.

There is a strange relationship between the relationship and the path.
Sometimes relationships find a way,
And sometimes relationships are formed in the way.
So keep going, and keep on playing the relationship.

If you have loved, do not be afraid of destruction.
And if you want to be destroyed, then make love to all.
Your love gave so much comfort
That no one likes you better
You have to commit infidelity with this style.
That there should be no infidel after you.

Who has seen my heartache?
I have just seen God suffering.
We cry while sitting in loneliness.
People have seen us laughing in the temple.

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