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1) All disclaimer-policy information on this website is collected by the data itself.

2) I make no representations about the accuracy, completeness, quality or validity of any information.
3) I am not responsible for any errors, damages of any kind or damage caused by the use of its display.
4) I am not responsible for any content I find at the end of the link posted on this website.
5) The information in this web site is based on my personal opinion and experience should not be considered for professional financial investment advice.

6) The thought is change from time to time However gather and store more knowledge.
7) This website is working to convey information in the form of pictures to the general public.
8) The accuracy, reliability and accuracy of this information are not guaranteed.
9) All pictures and information shown on this web site are self-generated, not based on actual facts

★ Our website and the terms related to the use of this website.
★ Nothing in this disclaimer will happen: –
1) Exclude our liability for personal injury.
2) It excludes us or our liability for fraud information.
3) Limit liability in any way not permitted under applicable law.
4) cannot be excluded under applicable law. Omit any of your liabilities.

★ Determination of liability limits and restrictions in this clause and elsewhere in this disclaimer.
1) The Website provides a free website service.
2) I will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind.

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