Heart broken Shayari143 & sad status


Heart Broken Shayari sad status

Loved, became infamous,
Our discussions became public,
The cheater broke his heart at that time,
When we were his slaves.

As long as there were strangers,
Till then it was good.
This familiarity only increased the distance.

Thought he would tell them every pain
why did they not ask that much silence.

People often go astray,
In the streets of Ishq(love)
One of this journey,
There should be a map.

It is very natural,
to make them proud,
After all,
We have wanted them too.

When I see them,
I miss myself,
My way of laughing,
Once was like him.

Life plays with that too
The player who is the best.
The pain is from everyone,
But the courage is different for everyone.
Someone gets disheartened,
So someone struggles to flourish.

Heart touching

The mirror of the house too, has started asserting its rights. It is like that, but my age has started to be told.

The ceremony is a special one,
Learn to play
If someone wants to make it his own,
First learn to become him.

Sometimes those people are miles away,
Those who live close by.
And those people are the closest,
Those who live miles away.

Why do I wander near you all the time?
Tell me why I smell like a flower.
I am neither a firefly nor a star,
But why do I still shine in his eyes.

Knew that he could never be ours,
Still ask God for them,
Got used to it.
What is the scale envelope,
What do we know,
That it became a habit to be heartless from infidelities.

He automatically joined my breath,
If we used to think,
we would not have loved again.

They were troubled by the sun and still have trouble with the rain,
Complaints are uncountable in human habit.

We have gone through the limits of our will,
Wish they had gone through the limits of love,
Rage is in my heart the beginning of roses,
When weather spring passed through its limits.

I wish we held our hands
Let us tell what is the extent of love.
It is fun to become a prisoner of love.
The heart does not want to leave.
And enjoy getting involved.
May this arju of my life pray for his arrival,
In this way, pain should also occur in his chest.
Who aspires to be a dream, to decorate the eyelids,
We want to be Arju and settle in his heart.

Sad line however great moment of love craze

Somebody’s advice,
There are ways to get through,
But the floor is hard
Is available only.
Fans undoubtedly recognize us
Will be
However the well-wishers identify themselves
Has to do.

Hope is broken sad status
Wipe my tears
I do not shed tears,
Not tired of seeing me,
You don’t see me today
I have failed in your love,
You have broken my promise of survival.
I’m not so crazy,
Before you were told,
You used to meet me every day,
Tell me when you meet,
My eyes are fixed on you.
Love you i
Tell me why my mistake,
Whom do you die today
Tell me why you are hungry,
I have an argument with myself today.
I’ve become a very difficult question now,
Forget your love I am the real world,
Thinking of your name,
I have heard this distraction.

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