Sad shayari for lover in english style


Sad poem Her and my imperfect love story

Sad poem

Halfway through life,
Why is Giles away?
I didn’t want to stay until the end,
Then did you hang around? The question I have today is, sad poem
Do not reply to these codes,
I have a heart for memories,
Of all your spent moments.

Door of my heart,
Open to you
With the comments I found,
See your way back.

Does not fade,
Your closed old memories,
In this vast world,
Your my short story

Still living in the past,
Only and only for you,
Your name was engraved in your heart,
This is the lip that will remain at the end of the breath.

Worship you

Worship you
Lots of girls left for you,
I will worship you in front of you.

Your love game is unique,
If you say bad things,
I put my life on the brink of love.

When I saw you, my mind was not there,
My whole life flowed with your love,
Why do you rule my mind?

Glad you liked the look,
I’m in love, I opened my destiny,
How many girls love me, except you.

We search for words and write poems on you,
Crazy is your darling,
My eyes fill with water for you.

I’m a drop without you,
If you meet then I become the ocean
I am a thread without you,
If you meet then I become a sheet .. !!

I am a paper without you,
If you meet then become a book
I am just the word without you,
If you meet then I become a love story.

Saying call part_1

The direction is shouting,
Look at my redness.

The dark darkness has passed away,
Sigh of my coming,
Shining home courtyard,
With bright rays.

Every type of nature,
Feeding from the golden sun,
Bird is tweeting,
Pedapedes swing happily.

Spread light all over,
Let cool wind go
Go to sea
From the shore

Wake up new dawn now
Wake up deeply
Leave the dream world,
Do work with joy and joy.

I’m asking for happiness .
I am folding your arms to be happy,
I ask God for your happiness …

You shout, reject,
Queen I am craving for you.
All the world today is behind me,
Queen i am following you

There is love, no hiding,
My crazy life is involved in you.
Your love does not suffer,
Your eye is shooting at the arrow …..

Saying call part_2

Whether love is always paid,
I worry about you all day long.
Suffering will be your betrayal,
I lose everyday because you win.

Those memories of yours
Walking down that road again,
The memories of why they were fresh,
Why does it cost me money.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed,
The fear still,
In the evening when someone comes,
Don’t hold your hand.

As I hear my favorite song,
Looking at the sight,
Why the shaking mind,
Such love is a guest.

Crazy those meditations,
Rimming, tasting, humming.
All in one word, in common,
As soon as you hear it, wash it again.

The crazy mind drives me crazy,
It makes sense to persuade,
Words without fairy lips,
So those memories.


You extinguish that evening today,
Fill my night with lights,
Mine too before the doom,
Nature has spared every theverythingut me today,
Not my heart’s voice,
Hear with eyes
Do this Hushin crime today,
I always keep wounds open.
Take the game of heartache from my wounds,
Come into my heart and soak in the rain without a cloud,
Encouragement greatly reduces me too,
I do not ignore heart touching things,
You touch my everything,
You dissolve my every breath,
My heart is rebelling
And give a new wound to the heart.

Take care of you

Take care when moving air,
Be careful when lighting a lamp.
Around the crook bite,
Be careful when cutting flowers.

I have deep wounds on you,
Be careful when walking.
How the heart was pressed in,
Take some care when sticking the uri.

Let your words be wound,
Be very careful when speaking with kindness.
No one here today,
Take care when connecting me.

Man, your caste

Man’s race is yours,
Put on humanity.
Don’t look at the temple,
God is in man.

Ghost deposit,
Don’t kill the animals.
Let’s just go,
Wake up

Purify your body and your mind,
Holi net of lust.
Equal distribution,
Never came

Do something,
You are crazy forbidden.
Do the right thing,
Deposit possession.

When life is,
Vag Tovar lovingly.
When happiness is seen,
Swirling organs.

Life falls apart except in a few circumstances.
O life, sir
It is not known how many Alexander’s burials lie in this dessert.
Whatever branded clothes you wear,
Everyone has the same shroud after death.

Who has his blessings,
What do you like from Taj Mahal,
At least listen at once
His heartfelt nemesis.

There is a lot of wealth here too,
Rich with a heart,
Never shout, being poor in his heart,
Your conscience will also wake up.

It is often very black from the heart.
Bad night’s night may be black,
Diwali happens every day in the heart.

No salary was received

Hey you made the list month,
I didn’t get any salary yet,
I don’t know how much you love me,
The talk of your wealth in your town,
My back burned with my mind

Day and night in the hotel, I sweat,
Be patient with a lot of school work,
I wished to see you,
Don’t lift me with your fingernails,
My father’s a big responsibility to your father.

Queen, did you ever know my worth,
Not in the building where I live,
Leave some thought behind,
Your poverty has not escaped my poverty …..


To see the reflection,
How much was it,
Looking in the mirror,
How good it is.

Looks in a beautiful mirror,
To meet a lover,
That’s a shame

As soon as he praised,
Blood becomes like this,
The glow of the nayan,
The redness rises on the cheek.

From a broken lip,
Then comes the smile,
This beautiful mug of roses,
Beloved, they seem.


The custom of love,
We will both play like this.
Ever miss you
Sometime we will miss you
Will never let it happen,
Both of us each other.
Sometimes you smile
Sometimes we will smile.
Someone keeps saying anything,
Let everyone say it is habit.
a Whatever our heart wants,
We will continue to do that.
If you want mischief,
Just like you, my love
Suddenly you get angry,
And we will celebrate you.

You should be in your breath.

Hands up and asks you,
I live for you
My breath in your name,
You should be in my breath.

Only in my dreams should you,
You are my dream

When will you get married
Let your world be full of joy,
Stick your hand on the green,
You should respect my virginity.

Come into my town,
Crazy friends will dance loud,
I don’t like dancing,
Dance in your turn

Will be your maid,
Claim you as wife,
The king will give you a lifetime of service,
You should see my face day and night.

Love quotes

For whom to write,
Wait for
To whom
Don’t tell me,
You will read the words and ignore,
If you like it, you can comment,
This is how it will be and will go away,
But will you ever see me


Don’t tell me,
Write something new every day,
See you as you write,
You see,
Get lost in you
Let the world look in your eyes,
My heart will be glad to see you
May the heart of my love be your home,
Your name on the breath should be yours,
You have to embrace the life within yourself,
And let my life be in your embrace,
I think this is what should happen,
But tell me to make it happen.
Will, you ever see me

Come back for me

My life you come back again
Can’t afford to go back to memories.
Annoyingly beats the question,
Bean tere na na aaye
I have considered myself more than you know.

You have become accustomed to my breathing,
Except where I worship you,
Sometimes you forget to bring me into your memories.
This heartfelt wish is yours,
Seeing your relief in the moment,
Now I am determined to get you.

I’ll make mine one day,
You will tell everyone I know,
My soul is fighting against your world.

About living two words

Someone will get tired of you,
Don’t get too close,
Feeling the burden of goodness,
Don’t act so well.

No one needs you,
There should be no littering,
Keeping the tune of luck,
But don’t break it yourself.

Sweet talking sweet treat
No one should find it difficult,
There will be closeness,
Don’t be so close.

Easily forgotten,
Do not worry,
Don’t you,
Should not live that long.

Only when there is a breeze,
Get away quickly,
Your name on someone else’s lips,
The holes should be just that.
On the way to life,
Put them in danger
They are human beings.

Give opportunity,
Eat the prices,
They are human beings.

Get mad,
They do the same,
They feed on grass,
The grass is lost,
They are human beings.

Turn around,
They are human beings.

Keep the word,
Words rotate,
Fall into the throat,
They are human beings.

Stay away,
Although it seems close,
Living close by,
Behaving like an alien,
They are human beings.

Different kind,
Little man
How to identify,
All of us are human beings.

Have you done it

No matter how old you are, you never hugged your father,
If you don’t kill, hit it,
See, Dad will surely cry.

No matter how big you are,
Sleep on your mother’s lap,
See, Mommy is exactly Gonzales,
In case of any misunderstanding, call the younger brother with a loving,
See, it will be running.

No matter how angry, just once,
Don’t look at me
Look, everyone will forget Ruswa.
No matter how tired you are, just give a hug and kiss your forehead once,
See, the wife will be exhausted.

No matter how much trouble you may have, just take your wife once and close your eyes,
Mother bear with you
Look at the mother-in-law but the mother says no.

Talk to your mother close, no matter what the odds are,
Let’s understand a little,
See if you can hear it but take it off.

No matter how loud,
Take it close and tell Pora no money now.
See, the knuckles will not hold back.

No matter how angry,
Just love to tell a husband so much,
See if all the anger goes away.

So many relationships in life go away without saying so
Just one sentence gives him a very different turn,
Just speak,
See if everything goes well.

Moments today

Who knows?
It feels like stopping for a moment today.
Lost mind,
Feel free to search again.
Don’t love foreign marriage,
Don’t want to cry.

Disturbed mind
Sounds cool.
Feel free to worry.
Stop stopping,
Sounds like a shock today.
Don’t want to hang on to someone,
Feeling calm, calm, relaxed.
Birth and death today,
The distance seems to be forgotten.
Who knows,
A little love,
Today I want to be myself.
Now a single pun,
Feel alive.

Valuable Moment’s

I feel valued,
Moments with you,
But they leave,
The mind was restless again.

Departure does not depart,
But that’s part of it,
On this further journey,
The memories are there.


Like waves,
Whatever the case,
Except they fall.

All the misery in life,
These eyes are pale,
Because now, at a glance,
Your memories are foggy

Your mind,
You live well,
To you too,
Acting like an alien.

Hands get thousands,
To wipe away the tears,
The eyes do not get both,
To cry along.

I cry out loud,
When nobody is in the house,
Then it is easy to laugh,
After sitting at four.

Don’t know why?

do not know why,
Now out of shame,
Faces are not roses.
do not know why,
Used to tell earlier,
Words of the heart,
Know why, now faces,
There are no open books.

Have heard, without saying,
He understood the matter of the heart,
As a hug,
Used to understand the situation.
Then there was no face book,
No smartphone
No Twitter account,
With a letter,
The feelings of the hearts were understood.

I think

Where we from where
Have come,
Thinking about practicality,
Have eaten the feelings
Now brother, brother

The solution to the problem, where asks,
Now son from father,
Diagnosis of complications,
Where asks.

Daughter does not ask
From mother to family,
Now who is the master
Sitting at the feet,
Learns definition of knowledge.
Fairy talk,
Now who likes
Remember your loved ones
Who makes you cry now,

Now who

Tells the poor friend,
now where,
Krishna hugs Sudama
In life,
We have only become practical,
We have all become machines
Where are humans lost,

Which one are you, queen

The only thing one says every day,
Why ar,e you yelling at me,
Difficult story of your love.

Which queen is your nail,
Because of you there are no coins left in your pocket.

What do you know about a nose nose,
You are not ashamed to be ashamed,
The sea water is not sweet to your hands.

Oh dear people, your heavy grief,
People in your house are very upset,
Worse than a tsunami is the voice of your love.

I fell in love with you with love,
Happy if i laugh alone
If you speak with love you will write songs on you.

Look beautiful

By the divine blessings,

I was born beautiful,
Will, you get Justice to me,
Humans are hunting,
Some got justice.

Even though I am happy today,
In the end it will remain the same,
Rescue of two clans,
Will continue to do so.
Very difficult to find you
I Do not want to lose you now !!
were your. Be yours
And, do not want to be someone !!
None of the books are empty,
Friends also read there,
where nothing is written… !!

Mark your foot

Looked like I was,
It will be embraced now,
I live in hope.
Step by step,
Still not forgotten,
Can you possibly,
Something to come to me.
My foot in the heart,
They are new today,
Forget about the turn,
Live i hope you.
I will Sometimes
If ever there was such an evening,
There will be a song on your heart in your heart …
All memories will disappear in a moment,
Unknowingly, these drops on the cheek will then …

Sometimes you will dream again

Will remember the moments spent together.
I have to live without you now,
Payments will have to die like this every day.

Sometime you will miss me,
Remembering your love will make you feel good.
The tears in his eyes will swallow up,
Because I won’t be near it when it comes to breastfeeding.

Someday there will be one,
My love will return to you
But then this love would not make sense,
Because then I wouldn’t be in this world.

Sometimes this mind will understand,
Your return will be like this.
At that time life would not make sense,
Because the body will never have this mood.

Will you ever promise me this?

Will I be born after the flood?
Then you will not regret leaving,
If we could love anyone,
Then I will be satisfied

The bird of love began to fly
The mind began to connect with the mind
The glow of love lamps …..
Such a rain of your love for me
When will your love begin …..
You look simple
I feel ugly in front of you
How do I tell you about memories?

Why does my heart constantly name you
Beyond dreams you lead a village
This night is not over.
The confluence sees you hiding every day
The word flows to you when writing poetry
I am in love with you.

Do you come to dream in the morning?
I celebrate the queen simple your name…..
I see you reading the book
You smile sweetly at the sight
Empty is empty without you …..
In college I am all alone
My sister smiles at me
Without you, the world is in my time …..

Friendship is all about your name
I got mad at you for being ignorant
Would you care about birth?
I wrote your names on my hand
Let’s see the two together
I’m moving they u shadow my .

The world is inhabited

Remember the fun of your eyes,
You are far away, but my world is inhabited.

You often think of loneliness,
Every song of mine asks you questions,
The cry of my eyes is after you.
People say that I am crazy,
Stay with me every second, next to me
Why is the cause of your memories ruined now?

I write my pain on paper,
Whatever I see, I see him as lonely,
You are the property of my lonely love.
I got married to poetry,
Innocent adage went on infamous,
I am not defeated. The game is still unbeaten.

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