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Love shayari143 ❤️

Heart relationship

Love someone
So look at him with love.
Get eyes from him
So look at you together.
One day his heart
Will definitely melt.
Continuation of love
Will start again.

Love too fragile
Relationship happens.
Of trivial matters
It makes sense.
Who heartily
Understand it
Their own love
Parvana is offered.

Heartfelt relationships need to be understood by heart.
Respected in
It doesn’t matter.
Because of two hearts
A life question here.
So love
Which is very blind.

May I stay or not.

“May I meet you or not?”
“Whether the distance is low or not,”
“Whether or not we talk,”
“All these things don’t matter.”
“Just remember that”
“In my heart for you”
“There are some good feelings”
“And whom to live”

“I feel relieved.”
“Really my life”
“It’s busy.”
“Thinking of you more”
“Thinking of you again.”
“Get angry with you”
“Then accept yourself.”
“Never laugh like this.”
“Never get depressed.”

“This world of desires is truly wonderful.”
“You know in my life”
“Do not even come”
“I don’t know much
“Because every moment”
“Keep you in the heart.”
“When should I call whoever is far away.”
“When did you not listen to me that would make a sound.”

“What to say”
“Saying from your heart”
“Let’s laugh.”

“My mention of my lonely nights.”
“I worry about you all the time.”
“May I bless you even in the moon.”
“Let me wait every moment.”
“Yes, such love”

Complete the attempt

Let’s try you
Let’s complete
My life now
Keep laughing all the time
One is imprisoned
All the promises, now
Are released

You will have many questions
I also get involved
I will give some answers
Let some stay
Don’t know where to go tomorrow
I don’t know too
Your shade, happy you
Have a relationship with the sun

Was not broken, saw broken
Everyone, my house
You left my hand
Homeless now live
Who was yours, who should own
Keeps saying
Relationship glass
Wounds of guts are given.

Have you ever loved someone

The eyes are sorry
Ho sorry the eyes
I see you
Whatever you want to say
She tells you this …

Eyes are ashamed or sorry
Hides on seeing you
Woke eyes that could not say
Leaning eyes she says …
Of eyes
My eyes are sorry …

Put a mole of mascara on your lips
Save you from the sight of the sun and the sun
Come on
I hide you ..
These thoughts of thoughts are forgiven
Always thinks of you
When one is conscious
Drunk does this.

This life will be yours
Your love will always be in your heart
These breaths will be all you need
Sorry for the heart
She listens to me
This is my life
So dreams weave new ones ..
Of eyes
My eyes are sorry ..

Love is love
You are the same to us

The mind that engages the emotions of love
She doesn’t even know
He doesn’t even know
Why is love?
Thinks for a while
Then he remembered
It hurts a little bit
That’s what I tell him

The smile will be on your cheek at the moment you appear
You will be angry when you are angry
Shame on you
And you’ll always be on the inside for one of your visits
Will miss you on the first visit
Alone when walking down the street
Even when your loved one is in the place
Will dream of you
And as soon as your eyes are open, your face will be visible

Even when you’re not with me
There will be a lot of talk but you can see it
Only you will understand when you are chatting
You will lose yourself in your eyes
Will look into your eyes
Even if the poem does not come, I will do poetry on love
Take a photo of yourself and say something

No separation

You wouldn’t have come in my life,
My eyes would not cry every night.
You made my love a game,
Tears streamed from my eyes like jail,
I wish you hadn’t covered my eyes
I got to understand the colors of your simplicity,
Now without you, my life is colorless,
You would not have lost my sight.

Hiding you in the heart after fighting the world,
For someone else, you turned strangers,
The memories of unrelenting love would not have been decorated.
Unscrupulous thy heart continues to waffle,
May god bless you
There would not have been so much separation in heartless tune.

The beginning of love

The bird of love began to fly
The mind began to connect with the mind
The glow of love lamps …..
Such a rain of your love for me
When will your love begin …..
You look simple
I feel ugly in front of you.

How do I tell you memories,
Why does my heart constantly name you,
Beyond the dream you take the village,
This night is not over.
Every day I hide myself in secret
The word flows to you when writing poetry
I am in love sjani sing your song


Why did you betray me
You did not come with me ..
Your name was written on my time
The queen was given to you.

Why my dilemma you played toys
Do you like my mind.
You don’t have that loyalty anymore
You must punish the infidelity.
By playing with the wind
Have fun with you ..

The wind was loyal to you
Do you deserve this wifi …
The bus arrives
Now don’t you have some fun ..
You are unfaithful today know the whole world …

What to take from the world

Somebody is killed
Somebody is named killed.
No one can understand
Speaking of someone’s heart.
People meeting
Do not understand the matter of the heart
Why to meet again.
When you cannot understand the matter of the heart.

Those who live forever lonely,
What will they think of the crowd?
Because their habit,
Had to be alone.
That’s why those hearts
Can never read
Of such people from the world,
There is no meaning.

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