My friendship memories love143 poem in english


From my friendship memories

My friendship was in college,
Without my love, what would make me laugh,
That’s how she got out of luck.
I miss her today, Friendship
That went away from my memories.
For her I used to come to college,memories
She always smiled at me,
The misery is taken away from the storage of misery.
She was writing notes every day,
She was secretly in love with me,memories
Sweet words were coming out of her voice.
My queen, lost in the bed of time,
My looks were simple naive,
I just told you through the story.

Tell someone my grief

Tell someone my grief
My love is gone
In the left eye,
Pictures of memories.
Her words became mute
How to do better for me.
Say my routine
What to do for you.
Writes poetry
How much does she remember?
She is leaving
There is no fear.
There was a lot of money
No one is listening.
Filled for her
Both eyes with tears.
The cry of luck
Came into my life.
How to live without her?
The mind does not have any pleasure.

Understand the stage of age

Age told us that,
Now live easily
Even if you yourself,
You understand the youth.
The message which came from inside,
That is the reality of life.
So the reality,
You respect from the heart.
And your energy,
Use according to age.
This is what ages you,
The message has come right.
If you understand, right friends,
Otherwise, time will explain.
What you did,
The result of that will be revealed.
And the whole cycle of life,
You will understand
So knowledgeable people,
Those who have gone saying this in the past.
Like you will act,
You will get the same result.
In reality, my
I am doing business today.
I felt old,
Today is a big shock.
So to handle,
I am telling you.
Understand it right
Otherwise you will regret it
And then my words to you
Will surely miss.

The air was telling

You want to say this wherever you are,
Oh guys, don’t go away.
Let it be the night in the shade of your hair,
As soon as dawn breaks, let your songs sing,
You are the one who stole your repayments from me.
Without you, you don’t have to meditate,
Come along, you’re not alone in my room,
You take it with a sweet smile, though.
Your queen is like a queen,
All the girls have given you roses,
I have broken your hope, even your king.
My name and your breath are confused,
The grandson of the Queen is tied to you,
You will not be my own, even though the world is gone. Read one post…..

How are the kids these days

Where’s your childhood? .
Once they have some understanding,
The oppression of education comes.
Beyond self-weight,
The burden is on the back.
The scared get the attention
On the teacher’s saddle.
No playground,
Mobile handset.
Not the kids in the city,
The soil of Pahali village.
After coming back from school,
Allow time for teaching.
Then tell them,
What time should I play? …
Children today,
Just the bookworm.
Disturbing the body-nature
Just suffer.
Teach them to school too,
But also give time for the game.
The body, along with the intellect,
Sit down a bit.

Idea many intention one

It is a coincidence to meet with yours.
To live your life,
There are different accounts.
We keep taluk from the village,
And your city is a great place.
How will you understand me and you?
Because both are different identities.
Neither do we like opportunists.
Neither do you like the opportunity.
Some ideology on this,
We get both.
Because of which we need you,
And you like a lot.
Suppose your mine,
Attachment is different.
You love the city and we love the villages.
We have seen the life of villages,
You have seen the city since it was born.
There are some similarities here too.
You want to get the rights of farmers,

Idea many intention one
And we fight for the farmers.
Very strange thing
Still both of us have met.
Neither are we against you,
Neither are you against us
But fight different
For the same things.
Maybe village and
Let the city meet.
And in both of us,
Let there be some relation.
Both of which took the resolution.
Maybe both of those resolutions,
May be completed with effort.

She Comes

How much do I live online,
Do not be angry, I come on a date.
You want to see me up close,
I will not run away from you,
I don’t believe in your classmate.
You look for daily excuses,
How do you take your life,
My name is engraved on your helmet.
You are waiting for me in the garden,
How many obstacles to come in,
The mother is standing, outside her attention at the gate.
I promise, I am quick,
Take a moment to thank me
Don’t call I put the call on the weight.

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