Heart Broken love Shayari to each & every lovers


Heart Broken lines part 1

Feelings are written in the shape of Alphas.
Water is also called thirst here.
My pen is aware of my passion
I write
So your name is written.

Those who do not want to be happy.
Nobody can please.
Those who know the skill of being happy *
Nobody can stop being happy.

Even the desolation of cities,
What an amazing thing.
Homes that have been lying for centuries,
As if settled.

What a strange thing a pen is too.
Emptying myself,
Fills someone’s feelings.

The house that took life to build.
Today, a person is restless from living in the same house.

I wish you were like that bus seat.
If I had a napkin, you would have been mine.

Do not brighten the name too much,
If you run away from the neighborhood, take your name.

Heart Broken lines part 2

Many eyelids try to stop,
But there were mad tears in Ishq, who went on to commit suicide.

The evening spent with you is still alive.
Even if the lips become dry,
The water in the eye is still alive.

There are many deals in the world but
Luxury sellers and
Those who buy misery do not meet.

My happiness is incomplete love without you,
, you are so important to me. & My love

You make strange deals of love
Smiled a little and bought.

For years, those who have lived in peace
What did the rent ask for today and was angry with us.

We just wanted to live a happy life.
We have learned love for this paid

If branches continue, leaves will also come.
However, If these days are bad then good will also come.

There was no reason to cry or excuse to laugh,
Why have we become so big,
It was a better childhood time.

Smile every summer of life,
Because no matter the sun,
She cannot dry the sea.

No matter how many books you read,
But peace is in your message.

My friend was getting up, even though there was trouble in coming to him, he was asking if he was unfaithful and how long it would take to bury it

May the relationship make us cry.
There is no deeper relationship with him.
The relationship that leaves us crying.
There is no weaker relationship with him.

Promlems ?

Where are you with her
Where is the problem?
Silence is waning all day long
Where is the poor night talking too!

How do I stop the expansion sadly
Where’s the ‘barkat’ for happiness?
However, The mood has grown so much!
Where is his elbow running next!
Your crazy as I left
Where’s your face color!

I wanted a little bit of a corner
Where is your space taken!
You will count my sins after this
By the way, where do I count?
As if I was a resident of an alien planet
Where is anyone here?

Time is Less

If you have time
Will you see me once?
Two words were to be uttered
Will you listen a little?

First you with me
Speak a lot
Although not the time
A lot of time for me to cook

Hours with me
Have a great chat
Not a topic though
Twenty-two new topics

Let’s say it
I want to laugh a lot
Whether my phone is Engage
Very angry

With me throughout the day
Want to do katy fu
Why do we need it now?
Just like that

If my face falls
Very annoyed
Getting closer

This is my today
Looks like
Why you behave
Why bother you

Will not see you again
Breath once closed
Visit me once
No more trouble

Let me talk a little about you

Remember that I will live long
Stored moments,
store you mine
You see,
a time has passed
Along with you,
Prit Jodi has gone
when you meet me
You can see in my mind the storms,
the eyes
It was time to meet,
the place to meet
What was left to say,
Just in time,
I got up and stood up
With the flowers of your choice,
I wait for you
In today’s crowd,
I started to search for you
In every shadow,
I began to look for your shadow
You didn’t come,
nor did you have a message
There were smiling eyes of those watching me
The faded flowers,
too, caused a storm of mind
The whirlwind of questions,
and the money went crazy
The petals disappeared, too,
for me
Behind the scenes,
memories remain so…

That’s my beach

The sea was me,
but my shore was,
but why did we have such a problem even though we have a beach today,
I do not find where the shore is always with me. The price of that sea is zero,
not my shore, but my price is zero in this world .

Darling Hold my hand

What happened today
  Water is stored in the eyes
  Say no no
  Blood is like black blood,
Why is it on me
  Hold on to anger
  I know
  Me with one eye
  You see.
The value of your relationship
  These cheating people
  What to do.
  You are the daughter of the king
  Poor’s son
  How to weigh in gold,
Understand the fire
  My little pain,
  Let’s combine the two
  Break those old traditions,
One says,
  Your only and only
  Support me
  Give me your hand again.

Meaning of love

Before opening his eyes in the morning, whose face wanted to see
That’s love ..
While approaching in the temple
It seems to be
That’s love ..
Fight against anyone who is not angry
That’s love ..
With a cushioned head, a full day’s exhaustion wanes
Looks like it’s done
That’s love ..
The person whose head is placed in the cushion feels free
That’s love ..
Regardless of your own distress, one asks for happiness
That’s love ..
One who tries to forget a million
Taxes can not be forgotten
That’s love ..
In the family photo with the parents
Which is supposed to be a photo
You think so
That’s love ..
The one whose wrongs get angry and then
Laughing alone
That’s love ..
Everyone reading this post
What the line missed
That’s love ..

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