Fire test of love & Meet me in my thoughts,love poems


The fire test of love

Heavy rains fall earlier
I like to soak it in the rain
There came a sudden in my life
Love each other in love
He gives a velvet saree in pink
Giving the tattoos and bangles of the ladie

So I ran and got my bride
We are married to God
Take the promises of birth in it
Spread the aroma of chicken all over the house
The rose petals on the apples
The first night I had to offer everything
Aroz is deeply entrenched in his love

Soak a chimney in the rain of his love
My femininity overturned on Apalanga
For a year, he went abroad
For the first time ever
I decided to stand where I met
Also wear pink saree earrings
Standing in the bride’s garment

Giving a different kind of love ordeal
See you as well for the first time
I love each other again
Except for Am, he became a foreigner
After that, ankurum sat in my stomach
It’s a new way to live again
He started crying in the afternoon
Gathering her gift items
His remembered Raman on the apple tree

The fire test of love 1

Our love sprouted out
In the meantime, I constantly searched for his genius
This is a great gift from me
When he arrives, decide to give it to him
That day is coming
It is also raining when it rains
My life for the groom is cassava
Dress like a bride in a mirror
New to bathing ourselves
Keeping mugs full of aroma throughout the house

The rose petals on the apple
Spread the velvet sheet
Keeping my baby close to me
“Let’s go to that place.”
Become a bridal chimp in the rain
Oh, I stand there
Get tired and look at the road
From there, come a big train
A rich man descended from him

I see a different face to it
I ran to him in despair
Listen in the car as much as you can

Fire test of

I got to see 4 girls on the landing
I got a statue and had to stop there
In the same pink saree, the same nut
Even pearl earrings, adorned in bracelets
I feel that I am seeing reflection

However, the face was second
It is noticed that the sperm is in the stomach
He would like to come and apologize sincerely
After giving him a fire test
Ana came and told us that
He married her and said this to her
Along with it, there forever
Let’s say it will stay here

Without a word uttered from my mouth
I am listening to them
Just keep watching my calm
Then he would go straight in the car
In the rain, I have to slip it down
Automatically stand by and protect yourself
Come back home for your baby
Amana was running a thousand questions
To Ask Yourself
The search for answers starts but there is no one
Didn’t run out of money
There was no fatigue
In the next exam, I passed the pass and I failed

You shattered

Turn back on your promises
I crumble like a card ……
You have become my love
It’s difficult to handle now …
Dil kar rahi teri arju
Read the taunts of the world to bear me…
You turned out to be cold hearted
My decision is to burn in your infidelity…

Now loneliness also gives voice
I am alone you dont speak to anyone .
My love did not work in love
Now it is to find unresolved questions .
What is the life of Sangam now?
Holding someone else’s hand except me .

Meet me in my thoughts

Question answer
I got into question only,
That person was my idea,
I got it in my mind
Still do not know this heart
Why does it wander here and there?
While I know it.
I am the king of my thoughts,
It is found only in thoughts.

We have lost my heart,
I don’t know about tax.
Still of his love,
Don’t express it
Drowns like this,
In the world of dreams.
From where we can also swim,
Don’t come back.

Meet me in my thoughts

When God said,
Asked me in my thoughts.
what do you want,
Tamannaye started saying
That just in my thoughts,
Let them be seen.
And when I am right,
Love them.
So as my journey,
Join me.

Made the world of thoughts
Now it has turned into reality.
Who used to come in thoughts,
Now he has become my partner.
As if in my life,
That became the basis.
Now together with life,
Laughing and living feeding.
And coming out of the world of thoughts,
Living in reality.

The sad tone

The world will one day be before me
The eyelids of misery will dry up
The crazy world did not let strangers
I never thought so
The eyes never shed tears
The heart has given me the patience of Maya.
Honesty always holds true
The front of the words of happiness is seen
The word given is always obeyed.
The words of happiness are coming out of the mouth bitter
I am sad to see you cry today
Eat fun I have a happy pillow from my stomach.
Today, sadness has been sidelined today
Come on yes my time has come
Tell the world you go alone now

Don’t bother me

Became involved in the family
This life has gone astray
Everything was messed up
Don’t bother me.
While loving
My heart sank in love
What to do in love
Don’t want me to bond ..

Went on living free
Bad moment came
At this moment, it was engulfed
Don’t bother me
I was struggling in this world
My dream to fulfill
Fought easily in the family
Don’t want to stop me

The song in the heart

You are my destination you will be my
Without you, no one is in the heart anymore
Breath of breath caught me in your breath,
A heart mate fell in love with you
Without you no one will hold your breath now
You hold my breath You hold my breath
Not without you

Today I know the language of your vision,
This intoxication of your love hurts me daily,
Without you, no one will keep an eye on you now
You are my heart
Night and day remember love,
The moon puts your name on the flower flowers,
Without you no name is now yours
You are my name
Without you

There are many who get their hands

My happiness
Hiding the sorrows
Always got friends
Get me a hand.
The rule of this world
How is this
I live honestly
Milk is the fat of cowardice
All received
The heaviest of them all
Worldly to me
Laughing along
The betrayal of friends
Dining in one plate
Poisonous to me

Want from me
Somebody or something
I pay my mind to borrow
Their safe
Take my own high jump
The essence is lost though
I want a friendship
When was my today
Living far away.

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