Heart Broken, Heartless True Love lines 👄💖💋

Heart touching lines

Heartless Parody lines

Love is to decorate life,
But life is just to increase the pain,
I wish someone could read the sadness inside me, 🖤 Heartless 🖤
This smiling face is for the time.

Heart touching lines

“Why doesn’t this anonymous pain stop; 🖤 Heartless 🖤
What has passed, why does it not pass away;
He is not the same face, all where I am;
Which is far away.  Why doesn’t he get down from the heart. “

The breath stops but does not know,
Hurts but no sound, Heartless 🖤
There are strange people in this era,
We do not forget and nobody misses.

I am also a woman

Do I have the right to live too!
Erase one’s own existence
Settle someone’s home. 🖤 Heartless 🖤
I take all the responsibilities of the house,
I have to take all the tests in every age
Do I have the right to live too!
I am a mother idol
Take care of everyone
Even then all my desires are suppressed,
I think mommy’s doll
Do I have the right to live too!
I💋 am insulted at every step,
I❤️ got cheated all the time
I💔 got nothing in my favor,
How long will the beds remain in the feet 🖤 Heartless 🖤
Do I not have the right to live!
💕I 👄 also want to live,
I💞 want my respect
I💛 want to fly in the sky.
💝 I want to break the fetters and fly away,
I too have the right to live.

🖤 I miss you so much mom

When my mind is depressed,
Don’t understand anything…🖤 Heartless 🖤
Then you miss my mother…
When someone rains on me unnecessarily,
Strokes the mind…
Then you miss my mother…

Life is hot with sun,
The shade is nowhere to be seen…
Then you miss my mother…
Someone sharp shoots,
Finger lifts me…
Then you miss my mother…🖤 Heartless 🖤

The empire of lies grows,
Truth has to bear…
Then you miss my mother…
My pain increases,
Encouragement weakens…
Then you miss my mother…🖤 Heartless 🖤

There are clouds of sorrow,
Tears spill from the eyes…
Then you miss my mother…
No matter how much we cry,
Now keep quiet on my own…
Then you miss my mother…

🖤 I miss you so much mom

The pain has to be hidden,
Everybody has to smile…
Then you miss my mother…🖤 Heartless 🖤
When hunger haunts me,
Your hands smell of food…
Then you miss my mother…

We bear everything,
Just find your love nowhere…
Then you miss my mother…
Everyone’s love is a show,
Nobody has taken your place…
Then you miss my mother…🖤 Heartless 🖤

You are far from my eyes,
Closest to my heart…
Even then you miss my mother…
Your life is full of happiness,
The stream of your love is the most unique.
Our amazing mother is ours,
Miss you so much mom

Sweet dreams,
It takes all the time
Whom my little,
The pen says little thought.
Can your house
If out of relationships,
Will go spam.

Precious relationship

I find in every relationship,
I am a dear friend
Who makes life,
My Fragrance Perfume.
What did you bring my daughter-in-law?  Do not
You count it
Understand the sacrament
This is a small request to you.

Smiles in relationship scales,
Keep you heavy
Then daughter-in-law will not matter
And daughter’s body
The cloth should be different.
Not from any one relationship
Is my special war
It hurts when the name of dignity,
But you tighten the streets of relationships.

Whatever the relationship is, every mistake
Make you laugh
Every relationship you own
Swing cute with love
Relationships happen with luck,
Dedication to keep in every relationship.
Every relationship with a smile,
But surrender all.

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