Heart Broken Love Shayari to Each & Every Lovers


Why does this happen to me?

I will regret if I love my face ๐Ÿ’˜
It will change over time ๐Ÿ’”
Love someone’s heart ๐Ÿ–ค
๐Ÿ’ƒ Life will be beautiful ๐Ÿ•บ
There are some relations of life, which are not obedient to any position or prestige,
They are based on the foundation of affection and trust.

Life is too short, live it. 
Love is rare, hold it. 
Anger is very bad, keep it pressed. 
Fear is terrible, face it. 
Memories are very pleasant, cherish them. 
If you have peace of mind, understand there is no one more fortunate than you.

Die or Live Love it

You can die, but you must live. 
Happiness can come at any time, but sorrow must be digested. 
What happened as a color shadow, should be able to brighten the work. 
Whatever happened because the color is blonde, the soot on the mind should be removed. 
Success makes a person stand tall. He should be able to keep his feet on the ground. 
We should be able to live a happy life with satisfaction in our success. 
Sins can be done in any way, but virtue should be done. 
No one stays stiff, but one should be able to bend a little. 
Stumbling in life, must be tolerated. 
She should be able to walk again with a bandage.

We want Happiness

Trust said happiness, we want sorrow. 
Give happiness to those whom we want.  Got a lot of pain. 
We now want to work on our own since our time. 
People say that you are lost, sir, so we want to salute them. 
Very stingy, people complain, tongue wants to rein. 
Now how many times has my trust broken, I want to give the name to the trust. 
What do you know, we always want a pleasant evening for you. 
Wanted to say a lot to you but silent eyes now want to be moist.

Thousands of mistakes are also fun if the time is good, and if the time is bad, even one of your jokes is equal to a thousand mistakes!


Just two words !!
To get someone
Is it summoned here?
We just lost them
Afraid to give

If you want to make someone your own, make it with your mind, not just with your mouth.  Because the relations of the mouth are for the needs and the relations of the mind are for the end.

Childhood is the happiest time of life.  Because he is far from ego.  “We have something too.”  Once this feeling is awakened then only struggle, competition, logic and struggle begins.  And happy moments are lost in it.

A person of calm nature is never weak. because there is nothing softer than water in this world  but if it is transformed into a flood, even the best mountains will explode. The joy of earning people is not in earning money.

Happiness Love to

God asks for your happiness,
Prayers make you laugh,
Think what to ask of you
Let’s ask for love for you for ages.
Then no gazal should be in your name today.
Today, while writing somewhere, it may not be evening.
Waiting for your ezhar-e-mohabbat
Life may not be complete in this wait.

Distances do not matter
It is a matter of the close quarters of the heart. Relationships of heart are made with luck,
Otherwise, you know how many people meet.
You will be shattered without breaking,

Best Couple Love to

“Friendship is a mutual understanding without words.
To know
Shout out
Applause ..
To support each other.
Friendship is an unshakable friendship,
That is the journey of life.
Green footpath that facilitates.

What is the name of the relationship between the two?
No matter
How is the feeling in the relationship?
This is important.
Radha and Krishna are just that
They were friends of each other.
But still the whole world.
They are called Best Couple.

Yours Arms hugs

Hide me in your arms โ€ฆ
In your arms
Hide me โ€ฆ
Because in your arms
I feel like I’m covered โ€ฆ
To live in your arms
Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.
No sound.
No tea.
I can only feel the vibration of your heart.
I feel lost in your sweetness today.
And it just feels like this moment should stop here.

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