The “return” of life in life and the rest of life, how to live happily,


The essence is that he endures, never speaks

  • How are you ..? “
  • He asked such a single question .., and I cried heartily in front of that person who appears every day but doesn’t know much ..
  • He said .. “Cry a lot .. I have time. I want to cry today and never again after tears ..”
  • After that, whatever he said .. because of that, my inner and outer transformation took place ..!
  • What did he say .. ??”
  • He said quietly .. “That the man we are born with may or may not live up to our expectations .. because in life we ​​always have expectations from others and often they are not fulfilled .. the only burning pain that remains ..! “
  • “In my opinion, this birth is not for fulfilling your expectations, but for repaying someone who has stayed somewhere for some time …”
  • The essence is that he endures, never speaks

  • Just like your spouse suddenly left this world in your life, you completed their world, you took this birth to complete their world, it means that you have paid back one birth .. that account is over for you ..! Now try to look at all the big and small events of life from this point of view ..,
  • Son and daughter-in-law are not talking to you or your darling Leki went against your will and got married to each other. You are repaying something ..
  • You will not die unless you complete this calculation of repayment in this life. .? ” Don’t ask this question ..
  • Live a positive life and inspire others with the attitude that whatever happens is good, whatever happens will be good.
  • No matter who the person was, he treated you strangely .. insulted you .. ignored you .. someone forgot about your cess .. “
  • When the balance in the bank runs out, they stamp on the passbook, ‘Account Closed ..’, so when you get private, think about how many ‘Account Closed’ you have, and burn the passbook .. Don’t miss a single moment of repayment. .. *
  • The essence is that he endures, never speaks

  • It may be difficult for you at first .. but the stronger your mind, the more flexible it is ..
  • Then tell your mind .. “Oh .. I have listened to you all my life .. I have obeyed you .. Now I am giving up your slavery .. I have set you free from today ..!”
  • Do this experiment … and find out how many accounts are closing fast .. I also did not identify you tomorrow .. so suppose I had only one entry in your passbook ..
  • Instead of blaming the Lord, just keep in mind the single mantra “Repay and pay back” and see how beautiful your life will be, negativity will go away from your life forever
  • And I’m coming … Saying that, he left ..
  • After saying so much, I got up and said ..,
  • The essence is that he endures, never speaks endtime…?

  • “Five years have passed since this liberation .. I am living a very good life .. I am satisfied ..” “You endure, endure ..” You have said this so many times, it means you do not endure anything .. you just Feeling sad ..
  • “He who endures .. he never speaks ..!”
  • Come on guys, from today onwards, instead of disappointing anyone in your life, let’s just start living a life of “return” and enjoy life ..
  • A little effort …
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