Who to live for? A heart touching article, a must read👫


Why you are living?

Man is born, small grows. He lives a life of many storms of happiness and sorrow. But, why live life? Why live And who does he live for? I have no idea. He works hard all his life to fill his stomach. He works somewhere to earn money, does small jobs, even does manual labor. Formerly lived 80/90 years, now lives 60/70 years and dies. After death, family, relatives cry for four days and forget. After death, however, our existence on earth ceases forever. No matter how good you are, your memory only lasts for 10/15 days after you die.

For whom to live?

If you want to live, is it for the society? What problems do you solve in the world? What do you build Do you work for someone This is called your career. So when you think beyond yourself, it is called education. Career should not be just a matter of getting a job or advancing a business. Living with society in mind is life.

I don’t think we remember anyone who is very rich today. But we still remember the saints and many great social workers who fought for the society. Because they lived for society. His memories are still alive today because he gave something to the society. For example, what happened to Saint Gadge Baba in Maharashtra? He did not have a single coin in his pocket. But he taught the world the precious teaching of cleanliness and the eradication of superstition. It is because of these thoughts that he became immortal today.

What do we do for the society, by staying in the society

Do we do the same in society? Does it give anything to the society? Even if you are not as important as the saints, people will remember you for years to come. But everyone should be able to do at least one generation. Learn to be better than to live a life of anger and hatred.

The family we live in today, the children we raise. There is no guarantee that the same children will take care of you in old age. When they get old, their parents don’t do any work, so they are taken to an old age home …

Your old age will not go away like childhood. Childhood is pampered, and old age is enduring. The same children for whom we lived will become strangers in an instant. After all this, at the last moment of life, the question arises that for whom did we live all our lives? ….

Live for society. This is my opinion…Live…Live 

Give alms, give food to the hungry. Live happily ever after. If you feel like wandering around, walk around a lot. As you grow older, your body will not support you, so as long as your body is strong, look around.

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