Types of love143 romantic and heart touching love poem


Types of affection

Even if you forget
Do you remember love?
The one to be hidden
That is love …
That everyone wants to read
That book is wish
What to remember for a lifetime

It is a lesson …
Whatever is not solved
That question is affection …
One who never climbs
I wish you …
Who is on the mind

I wish you …
In words that are not left
I wish you …
Whose world dances to the beat
I love you …

In which you can not get trapped
I like it…
See at night as well as in the day
I love you …
The scent of which smells Alam
I like it…

Do it ahead
God is my affection …
Whatever you think, you should say great,
Love is not good for me,
Not everyone is destined,
The reward that lucky people get is love

She loves me

No matter how busy
It reminds me of the day though
Break all the restrictions of time
The one who loves me.

Persistent in deceptive denial
She mixes the tone of affirmation
Let’s have a secret secret
The one who loves me.

Trouble is in everyday life
She laughs while talking with a smile
My heart palpitated in my heart
The one who loves me.

Of tearful memories in solitude
It dissolves in my thoughts
Adjust my eyelids
The one who loves me.

The whites scold the nostalgia
She weaves such poems every day
The word Vechunia in words
The one who loves me.

I want to do something

No you say something
Can I say something,
Just with your touch
I want to sing the melody of love.
I am still incomplete,
With the color of your love,

I want to decorate myself
I want to drown in your love today,
To my body,
I want to take that spirit out.
In my restless mind,
Tapan is in the body,
Lost in you,
I want to be you.

None of my friends are old.

They are still in the truth, everyone is still interested.
All are pleased by God, everyone is standing by the mountain. There is no pain in the heart, it should be in the gathering.
They should work for everyone, whatever may be in difficulty. No one is arrogant, nor is a man of money.
Come on guys, this is the only thing

On the other hand, they sprinkle all of them.
As soon as you meet, you will say, Abe, now when you will get it. some one has become a monk.
Living in fun, no one is uncontrollable. Everybody dye hair, call everyone’s tie.
Lali ye friendship

Children are equal, but all are grown up.
From Hema to Kareena, they are crazy. Lord, my God, you keep them all healthy.
As much as ever before, keep them cool.


Your life will be heavy on me
So you are stealing like this . As soon as you look at me, yours
Shame on you for stealing your eyes .Heard nothing, Said nothing.
But it is scattered like this, In the struggle of life
That nothing is broken, And there is nothing left.

Soaking in love

The sky feels like your love Amrita.
In the dark life love feels like your light.My heart dances with your pure love.
Blinking love makes your money a lot thicker. I really affection your affection.
Every gift of your love feels joyful.

My love for Gulmohar flows every day with my money.
As soon as you see the mind, your love

My heart cries for you edeceptione.
I know the value of yourI really loves your affection.
The sound of your glory is lost to me. How does my step move towards you?
You love every flower of your flower. When you see me, my heart opens like a rose.
I really affection your feeling.

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