Dil ke tukade love Shayari in English rhythm or style for sad lovers


Why Could not express love?

There’s so much about you,
Can never bring it to the lips…
And every second,
Bringing a slight smile on my cheek …

Your feelings in my mind,
Also, dig deep.
Wake up at night
Only you dreamed…

Along t, he coast,
Lonely is losing me.
And in the evening, in the evening
I repeat in your heart again.

Now that time has passed,
You must start now…
Only your memories remain,
Now live in the same memories…

It just went crazy,
Poem for you …
And again the feelings in my heart,
New paper printed on blank paper… !!
Another one love Shayari

Life is Beautiful

Life is so beautiful,
Everything happens beyond the dream, 👁️
Sometimes I think about the moment I live today.

I forget this world while you were,
That moment just hangs with you,
Sometimes I lose myself,
As soon as I catch your eye, I lean in,

I’m confused, beautiful
You try to speed my thoughts,
As you know in my mind,
At that moment,
I am ashamed of myself.

You talk a lot when you’re not,
but the thing that comes to mind is …

What is love?

Who asked you? What is love?
So can you tell me my name?
Will your delicate lips take my name?

Will you love me so much
that no one else will miss…
If you were kind to the day,
I would be pampered now…

Do you know that sugar dissolves in wate.
But still, you get wet in the rain…

Remembering this moment,
I see you moment by moment,
my heart is engulfed;
Let me draw your picture in front of the eyes or yourself.

Writing always feels less about you;
Seeing through my eyes, tears of your memories…. Tears of memories…

Unknown Love.

Never thought so
Someone is facing persecution
Even the eyelids are gone
It will look similar in time

Someone in my heart smiles
Will chase
So crazy
The heart spring is filled with love you love

One’s ears can speak
You may be unaware
Despite the distant sound
Must be constantly heard

Ambala seeing her look
The mind will start to engage in it
She is lost in her dreams
I need her voice

Without knowing the love beam
The mind will live with love
No problem, honey,
I will find love in life

Some lines
“I wish I hadn’t heard the songs
These tears would not have come on hearing them today.
If it were to be forgotten like this.
So deep in the heart are not enough ”

The quality of his heart has become like this.
Whenever her name was taken, she became sweet.

The rise of love?

Little did you have to forget
Little did you remember
In the name of forgetting memories
My awareness has increased a lot

Late sleep means getting up late
Getting up late means annoying the boss
Eating talk of an angry boss
I’ve gained a lot of weight

A lot of walking while working
You are the one not near the front
Because it’s not yours
My love has definitely grown

Alwar hug, a touch of pawn
The delicate ecstasy of mild affection
While taking you closer
My burns have increased

You’ve been bumping into me
I have a tumble in you
The world is barely there, though
Our love has always grown

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