Bewafa Romantic love poems & Shayari for a sad lover to stay on the heart


How to live life for Bewafa romantic

Live happily,

Life is so beautiful.

Live sadly,
So life is stricken.

Pass in comparison,
So life is battered

Spend it in wait
So life is sluggish.

Pass on learning,
So the book is life.

Go on show
So wasted, life.

Once you meet,
Spend life with love

Births happen every day,
Make life memorable

I’m Human

I am a broken heart, broken soul,
Look, I am very patient for you.

I am the home of hundreds of people,
  I am a broken house

You have forgotten who you want to erase,
I am a friend of the old relationship

I have a lot of flaws in you,
Do not think that I am some lover

Just do this game too,
I am not a stone, after all, I am a human
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Beautiful blessings

Give as much
Life should pass through the owner.

Just give so much
May others prosper.

So deep in the relationship,
Live with love

Shame in your eyes so much,
The elders should be able to keep their respect.

There are so many breaths,
Just do the right thing.

Take the rest of the age,
Do not become a burden on others.

None of my friends is old.

They are still in the truth, everyone is still interested.
All are pleased by God, everyone is standing by the mountain.

There is no pain in the heart, it should be in the gathering.
They should work for everyone, whatever may be in difficulty.

No one is arrogant, nor is a man of money.
Come on guys, this is the only thing

On the other hand, they sprinkle all of them.
As soon as you meet, you will say, Abe, now when you will get it.

someone has become a monk.
Living in fun, no one is uncontrollable.

Everybody dye hair, call everyone’s tie.
Lali ye friendship
Bewafa romantic

Children are equal, but all are grown up.
From Hema to Kareena, they are crazy.

Lord, my God, you keep them all healthy.
As much as ever before, keep them cool.
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