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Before starting the story Life struggle of an ordinary woman I want to tell you one thing that in the story Kamala is the name of a woman

The story begins further. Keep your hands on your forehead and read calmly

Kamal went to the market early in the morning and put the vegetables bought in the auction in a basket and carrying that heavy basket on her head went to sell the vegetables. It was not as busy as yesterday. She started walking through the alleys shouting “chili, coriander”.While walking, her feet were walking but her mind was moving. She could not think continuously in her mind. Recently, her child had arrived. The other woman was brought by her husband and mother-in-law.She was very fond of her son-in-law.

She fell at his feet. The son-in-law softened a little.

She got angry at her son-in-law and threatened him that “he will not give even a single rupee to the estate unless he has a grandson.” Finally, he left Kamal’s daughter and both grandsons there. The family needs descendants!

Did she not know what lamps her husband, who was a scion of the clan, had lit? His prowess was that he gave birth to two sons from Kamal’s womb. The second scion he gave birth to, the twenty-four-year-old son of Kamal, used to walk behind a political leader without doing any work.

He did not have his address till eleven o’clock at night. She did not agree that he should waste his life like this because he can eat chicken and drink alcohol. The leader had promised to make him a corporator. But he was showing such dreams to all the young boys and using them for his own selfish interests. Kamal knew.

She had explained to the boy many times. But the boy was not listening. Kamal wanted the boy to learn and grow up. But after failing 10th class three times, he gave up his education. He became worse by being in the company of naughty boys. But the girl was good. He got good marks in 12th. She had passed.

Kamala ended her marriage at the age of 18 when she got a job as a government servant. She supported her mother till she got married. If Kamala went out of town or was sick, she had to sell vegetables. .Every day would sit empty, fight at night and if Kamal resisted, would beat her. This is his daily work.

After seeing him like this, Kamala took the basket of vegetables in her hands only two years after the marriage. Instead of feeding her, the husband fed her husband. In the end, he was the owner of her kunkwa! When her husband died of liver damage, she cried to the public. But in fact, she felt very happy. She hoped that now that the boy would grow up, he would do some work and bring money to the house, and she would stop selling vegetables in the hot summer and cold rains.

Kamala was worried that the boy would follow his father’s path in the end.

But she did not want to go to that colony?

She didn’t know how many streets she wandered in the rush of thoughts. Her came to her senses as the sun started to set. She got scared when she realized that Bohni was still not done today. Seeing that there was still a colony of bungalows left, she entered that colony.

 In fact, she does not like to come to this colony. People who fly lakhs of cars and spend thousands of rupees on New Year’s Eve, the bungalows used to argue with her for fifty rupees.

She always heard that only a woman can understand a woman’s pain, but she never felt that the women in this bungalow felt sorry for her. In summer, they used to struggle to drink even simple water.

Due to the scorching heat and exhaustion, she wanted to sit somewhere and drink water. She sat in the shade of a bungalow. She took out a heated bottle from the basket and put it to her mouth to drink water, when a luxury car came and stopped there.

“What is it? Why are you sitting on the road?” She screamed loudly at Kamala

 “Tai, take some vegetables if you want. There is pumpkin, okra, fenugreek, chili…”

 “You don’t want anything. You get out of here.”

 Kamala was about to get up and leave.”

What is this?” says a young man from behind her. He said, “This program is coming. Vegetable! Aunty tell me how much will be this vegetable?”
He’s just taking vegetables but Kam doesn’t believe it but figures it out. Bhavna asked five rupees. But he told him while talking, gave him five rupees. After speaking to the man, he gave the basket empty.
“Oh we should have brought the market closer.

These women who come to the door pay very dearly”

 His wife’s plot was still going on.

 “Let’s go bro. Aunty’s vegetables are very fresh and what to look at twenty twenty five rupees? Poor aunts have to beat the vegetables in such a hot sun. If they take twenty twenty five rupees more, what’s the problem?” He said leading her inside.

Kamala was happy. It was sold for five hundred rupees! And that in one fell swoop! She happily came straight home with the empty basket. After cooking, she fed her daughter and grandson. Then she fell asleep while playing with her grandchildren.

After walking in the sun, she developed fever in the evening. Even when she said no, the girl took her to the doctor. All the earnings in the morning were cleared in the doctor’s fees and medicine. Now she could not sleep all night worrying about whether she would be able to sell the vegetables tomorrow or not.

Trouble for Kamala

The next day, for the next three days, she could not go out of the house to sell vegetables due to fever. After three days, her fever subsided. She was at home for three days. Kamla was very weak. She did not have the energy to carry a heavy basket of vegetables in the morning. On the one hand, the boy did not earn anything, but he was harassing her by constantly demanding money from her.

And on the other hand, the child was sitting on the lap. It was dark everywhere. There was no ray of hope. Kamala felt exhausted. She couldn’t bear the burden of these responsibilities. She wanted someone to come and take care of all this. Otherwise, the feeling of dying and being freed from all these responsibilities started creeping into her mind. It is in this state of depression that even the neighboring women see her performing forced discourse. discourse was saying.

Gods also had to fight for themselves. Lord Ramchandra himself had to go to Lanka (Ravan’s home) and fight to bring Sitamai. Krushna himself fought with Kansa to kill the evil Kansamama. Devi had to fight herself to kill Mahishasura. We are pure human beings.

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Rays of hope will not appear so easily. She began to realize that we have to remove the obstacles that come in their way with efforts.

The next day she reached the lawyer woman who used to buy vegetables from her regularly. The lawyer was at home. Kamal presented the girl’s case before her.

Kamal sought the help of the law

“Okay. We will send a notice to your daughter’s husband. Still if he doesn’t listen then we will file a case in court. But before that your daughter has to report to the police station properly that mother in law and husband are harassing her.”

 Kamala was confused. The words police, court filled her body. She said to lawyer.” The lawyer’s face fell when he started saying wife. Then he asked Kamala to meet the Women’s Vigilance Committee. He also gave their phone number and address and shrugged off his responsibility. The next day, Kamala dared to take the girl to the address given by them. She took her to the Police Superintendent.

Supretendent Police’ was a strict disciplinarian and honest yet kind.

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