Heart Broken Shayari _The fragrance of first love. πŸ’˜πŸ‘«πŸ’˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


meet you don’t we panic
meet then steal your eyes
what happened to us
tell you the secret of the heart
hide secrets from you

oh innocent friend
See the beauty of your love
We have filled in the lap
all springs of the world
we flaunt with the new style
Enjoy the happiness found.

Ruth sometimes agreed
We got to know about you
Such sacrifices were sacrificed
make you happy
what to brag about
What has happened to us?
color us in the same color
hear again bansi
Feed the buds in the white part
the one who taunts the fire
Light a fire with them.

the fragrance of first love…

the smell of my breath
maybe coming from your breath
my breath…
This series started from that day itself.
Suddenly the day you just touched me
The wave that arose in that moment in body and body
She is deluding the mind even today.

This heart is very longing for your dreams
Listen to this heart, come into my arms
Awakening the unique thirst in the mind
This sweet fire that is burning.
These eyes speak what we could not speak
That thirst of the mind suppressed, flickers in the eyes
You have a little smile on your lips
My heartbeat is going off.

Today’s meeting is just that,
Do things as much as you want tomorrow,
stubbornness is not so good,
Look how much we love you.
Those who take heart in gestures,
Tell me from where did you learn this skill,
magic in the eyes,
I have learned my life.
Alone, so what’s wrong
If you want, what is not in our bus,
Just a little,
We are yours.

You just become successful, those whom you do not even recognize, they will also call you their own..!!

My thoughts

I opened the paper !!
In it I gave
The ad was,
Lost, “Happiness”
He likes to forget his address.
The clothes are comfortable
Button sad ,,, !!
He left the house without telling anyone
We are tired of searching everywhere ,,, !!

Come back happy
No one will be angry with you
No one will force you,
Everyone in the house is waiting for you
The door is kept open, the plate of hope is kept open,
A reward will be given to the one who finds it
Then he said we have to do it ourselves,

Look what a surprise,

Old books,
Palyad of the meaning of the old song ….
In the peacock of memories,
the faint smell of agarbatti ….
In the cool breeze,
In the gentle touch of the waves ….

Unseasonable rain
ΰ€Ά In the velvety touch of animals
He hit me in the back,
Chatting with an old friend,
I said,
While you’re here
That’s why I gave the advertisement.
He said you guys are crazy,
Looking out
I am in your mind!

You Put Your Lips In Mine.

I am still stunned by your memory.
Look, these lips are the color of your love.
Take this pink cold sweetness that is bothering you, now put your lips in this mist of love.
Let’s shed many tears in your memory, let’s wake up at night, happy to meet you today ..!

Your true God is your parents because of whom you see this beautiful world.Β 
You should always be in their debt.Β 
Taking care of them is your first duty.Β 
So you should spend as much time with your parents as you can.Β 
They don’t want any money from you, they just want your time and your love.Β 
So everyone should take care of their parents.


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