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🌷🌷Incomplete love story 🌷🌷 There is a college on this beach. I have been living here for five years for education. Gradually, I have a good girlfriend here.

She has a great friend. Now we have a very good group of three. This beach, it’s always us Meet, make room. Here we have a lot of fun. College is over today.

Tomorrow morning I am going home by train. They too want to go to their home. The three of us have all said goodbye to each other. Will you ever visit again? Don’t know. On the way out, that friend gave me a book to remember.

I put that book in my bag. Since the atmosphere in my home is so hot, I haven’t given him my home address. This kind of thing doesn’t work in our house. The phone is not in our house.

English love shayari lines

Should I walk along the road, this village does not stay away from him.
I never let your name come on my lips, because of you, there are many lions.🌹🌹

Why do you fall in love with someone so much.
Waiting for even one day turns bad.🌹🌹
He seems to be defeated even when a stranger is confronted.

Who ever meets you
As weep in the heart weeps.
I search for memories of memories –
My sleep is consumed in scale.

We make a life full of lives.
We hide our sorrows from time.
The colors of happiness are unique in the heart, but
We punish every dream with our blood.🌺🌺🌺🌺

Someone works for someone.
He is in bad condition of his life.
Finds pain in the colors of time,
Every watch questions the fateπŸ‚

English love shayari lines
Your name has come on my tongue.
Your message has come in the heart of the Wasl.
I am looking for patience in the loneliness
Thought has come again in front.

Which is why you broke up with me.πŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€
You have left my life lonely.
The cry of memories makes me cry
My breath has become attached to sorrow.🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻English love shayari lines
Why do you persecute me?
You always cry to me
You remember me.
When I leave
Then you will remember everything.
Whatever you said to me.🌹🌹English love shayari lines
There will be muted words.
Then tell someone who will speak.🌹🌹
What do you need to do
How sensible in the mind.🌷

🌷🌷English love shayari lines. 2 🌷🌷

My smile is my shame.
You will remember from your stay.
My hair is my eyes.
You will see my face.

Finally you will cry.
To live my learning in memories.
When the time comes, I am happy.
You got to hug me.

Everyone has an attachment to life

When an infant arrives in this world, leaving the womb filled with mother’s hump.
Then she feels very sad to leave her mother’s womb.
So he cries.
He himself is sad but spreads laughter on everyone’s face.
Then the creature is surprised by that little one.
He could not open his eyes.
But Mahesus can.
He thinks I’m crying.
And why is everyone so happy.
Then he cannot understand why this is happening
But as he grows older.
Starts recognizing everyone
Seeing all this, he is very much fascinated with life.
As a child, he never likes to be alone.
Somebody or someone should stay with him.
This is how he insists.
Because he feels safe all along.
All this makes him fascinated by his life.
He wants to keep his life under control.

Everyone has an attachment to life

When he grows up.
Steps into puberty.
Then the golden dreams of the future begin.
Wants to earn a lot of money
Wants to succeed
The world wants to settle down.
To fulfill all these desires, he starts wanting life more.
When all his desires are fulfilled.
When the life partner enters her life.
Then he starts loving life even more.
When he becomes a father.
His responsibilities increase even more.
He wishes God all his long life and his own.
Because he wants to fulfill his responsibilities.
Wants to give happiness to his family.
Wants to be the protector of his family.
And in this way his life becomes enchanted.

Everyone has an attachment to life

Everyone loves life in this world.
Because everyone is related to the family.
They care about each other.
Love each other.
They love each other.
That is why no one wants to lose their life.
Everyone has only one purpose to live.
That is to carry out the responsibilities.
That’s why every person wants to get a long life.
Knowing that aging is very difficult.
Everyone wants to live more.
There is a desire to see the face of everyone’s grandchildren.
Want to join the happiness of their progress.
And to fulfill all these desires, he laughingly faces old age.

Everyone has an attachment to life

Even after all the responsibilities have been fulfilled, his love of life keeps increasing.
Why is life not so great that its attachment can never be reduced.
This is a prayer to God that this corona be destroyed by the root
May all be free from trouble.
This objection to the universe should be averted.
Every human being can be healthy in life.
Do not hate anyone.
Let no one become an enemy of one’s life.
There should be no accident.
There should be no accident.
Do not commit suicide.
Make this human birth of God meaningful with truth
Be patient.
Be vegetarian
Renounce anger.
Understand the importance of silence.
Talk as much as necessary.
And maintain the strength of body and mind.
And live for a hundred years.

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