Betrayal poem queen song and revenge of Romance143


Two Weeks

Two weeks later
Walk-behind you
How to tell queen you,
How much you die on …..
On the go you
Looking back at me,
Your love for me
Let me know if it is ……
Every day at your college

Whoever comes to me,
He had to lie down,
This life is involved in you,
Don’t let me tease you …..
Hey all my friends
They started to speak,
You are a fairy,
My luck woke up today,
Don’t be afraid of who you are,
I will not go where …..

Come on soon

You are the queen of dreams of confluence,
The core is my crazy mind,
We both write love stories,
If you haven’t met me
Tears will disappear like rain …

I do not know what I want

To those who love you,
The story is very famous.
For a glimpse of you,
Stand by the line.
But hiding your face from your scarf,
It is beyond the comprehension of people.
How can you see me?
Under the open sky.
Someone is yours
Heart must be coming.
It must have been big.
But you speak of the heart
You will not be able to do business.
Whatever the mind wants,
He too will not know your desire.
Seeing is also love.
Hard-to-hard hearts also melt for love.
This is also the case with a little heart,
Which slips on some or the other.
That’s why God made pair,
There is union in this world

Over betrayal

Queen at your betrayal,
How many songs I have written,
You have left the distance,
Still your name on my lips.
She came in a dream today,
Why your love mode,
I am your birth mother,
Don’t love my cold.
Don’t cry, King.
I’ll come where you don’t want to fly anymore,
Do not tear me to the ground,
Your dreams are in my dreams.
If you think I’m happy,
How to tell you,I’m sad,
The grass is not sweet, you are my mouth,
No, I’m not afraid of the world.
I did not slip in your door,
Trouble is too much for your love vaccine,
Together breathing will stop and smile,
Oh, I wrote that I would be in love with you

The departure did not stop.

The mind didn’t know it, it was going to match, it didn’t match,
However, the passing did not stop.
The face was still bewildered, though the tears did not disappear,
However, the passing did not stop.
Loved sincerely, never molested her,
However, the passing did not stop.
In love with her, my heart did not burn,
However, the passing did not stop.
For me, it has not slowed down,
However, the passing did not stop.
Despite my love for her, Charitriya did not disappoint me,
However, the passing did not stop.
I was going to back her up, my legs didn’t run away,
However, the passing did not stop.
There was news a few days, and again nothing was found,
However, the passing did not stop.

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