The wife is the husband’s personal diary


Does any husband ever know what is in his wife’s mind? But every wife knows what is in her husband’s mind. The groom doesn’t know what he’s going to do next Sunday. But the wife knows the whole program. The wife is her husband’s personal diary, what she wants, what she doesn’t want, whose birthday, whose wedding, everything is ‘saved’ in her head. This is also ‘memory’ She has all the evidence.

Husband’s personal diary

But the wife is silent until the husband speaks. Once you find the reason why you will not get better. The wife is two steps ahead of the weather department. Her husband’s face gives her an idea of ​​the past, present and future. Yes, and a woman is ready in advance for the upcoming event. Sometimes to hum the husband with love and sometimes to breathe.

Husband’s personal diary

Sometimes tears were drawn from Brahmastra. Thus Abhimanyu learned to break the maze from his mother.That’s how she learned.But every husband pulls the cart of the world because he has a wife.

The wife is the heart of the body like the world, as long as she is the world, the ‘world’It blooms when spring is near, but it blooms when it is far away. Sometimes she cherishes her husband like a flower, sometimes she burns like a wind for her husband,

sometimes she becomes Durga in times of crisis, Saraswati for children, Annapurna for family, Lakshmi.( Durga,Saraswati, Annapurna it’s meaning of Indian G

od’s )

A lamp should be placed near the pot of drinking water in your house and on the day when it is possible, a flower should also be flown there and to express gratitude by joining hands with all the pots of water.

Some may find this strange while reading, some may find it ridiculous.But I am a doctor myself. What you don’t usually believe is unless you look through a science exam. But six months ago, I came across a very scholarly research on the subject of “water”, and after that I found references to it in some religious books.

Lamp should also be placed near the drinking water pots in the house

It’s easy to put down
1) Water means life Water has its own unique memory.
2) The kind of thoughts we have while drinking water, or the mental state in which we drink water, has a huge effect on water and alternatively on us.
3) Water changes with every kind of energy coming from outside, and like that change it affects your body.
4) Water works differently on each person’s body.  About 70-75% of our body is made up of water.
5) Your thoughts of drinking water, your vision of looking at water, the sounds around you while drinking water, the feelings in your mind while drinking water or the utterances coming out of your mouth all have a huge effect on water .. and which can actually be seen under a microscope.

Lamp should also be placed near the drinking water pots in the house

6) If your mental state is very positive, and if you are very grateful for the water in your hand, then even muddy or contaminated water can do you no harm;  And your mental state will be negative, and even very pure water is extremely harmful if you are careless about drinking water.  Could be.
7) Water is “living” and water and its “muscle system” work in the same way that the human nervous system works.

8) The shape of the water cells or molecules that bring love to the mind by holding or holding the water in the hand is very beautiful, and the shape of the water particles that bring the feelings of anger or hatred to the mind by holding or holding the water  It is very strange and rough.

Lamp should also be placed near the drinking water pots in the house

9) The way you “treat” water when you drink it, the water “remembers” it for a very long time and thus has a good or bad effect on your body.
10) Water is currently being considered as  “liquid computer” in which the property of “memory”  is being used.
11) Whatever good purpose you want to achieve, various water therapies like “take that glass in one hand and then speak it in your mind and then drink that water” are currently emerging using the same properties of water.
12) *This is all scientific information, those who want more detailed information, they can go to the net
Dr.  Find and read Masaru Imoto’s research on water.

So now, after trying to combine the divine and powerful abilities of this water with our culture and customs, I came up with the following.  Has been doing this for the last six months.
1) Drinking water should be stored in a copper pot.  And preferably drink from a copper glass because copper is a “conductor” of metallic energy.

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2) Wash the copper utensils every night using tamarind and turmeric.
3) Then pour clean water through a cotton cloth.
4) After this, place a lamp on the side of the water pot and place a flower on the pot, and join hands with a feeling of great gratitude for the water.
(You can express your gratitude by saying that you are thankful for providing us with life, health and life, or by bringing any such good thoughts to mind.)

5) After waking up in the morning, start the day by drinking water from the same pot.
6) The best way to drink water is to take it in the palm of your hand .. but it is not possible for you.  Therefore, when drinking water, hold it with both hands and drink it.
7) When drinking water, consciously hold a glass of water for a few seconds in both hands and drink water only after making sure that you have good thoughts and good feelings in your mind.

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8) The same thing should be done consciously for a little longer if it is time to drink water after going to someone’s house or going out.
9) Drink water only when you are thirsty.  Don’t drink like this for no reason. 
10) Fruits with high water content (80-90%) i.e. fruits should be included in the diet as much as possible.

The benefits of drinking water in this way and doing all of the above for the last six consecutive months “from day one” .:

1) My little girl, who used to get sick every month, and she had to be given antibiotics every month, stopped completely.
2) My mental and physical health improved a lot, which had deteriorated a few months ago.
3) The acidity problem of my family members has almost stopped.
4) Every morning the atmosphere in the house is very nice, smiling and full of energy.
5) My attitude towards water and the kitchen as a whole has changed drastically.
6) If you forget to light a lamp one day, there is such a difference in the taste of water.

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