Make a friend like a mirror, like a cold in the forest💃🌷


To prevent sorrow, like a threshold.
Like a squirrel in a friend forest.
Don’t miss the rest of your life.
Make a friend like a mirror.
No one will commit suicide.
If a friend is close, like mind.

Reading the troubled life again.
Troubled life again,
A lesson like reading friendship.
Friendship licks the cow and the mind,
Go away, you are like a calf.

Sometimes I think …
To go and sit in that cloud,
With a small drop.
Stay there for a few days,
Remembering you

I hope to meet you.
When you come out of the house, come down from the clouds side by side,
And tell the clouds,
Make a big roar when I get close to her!
I mean, she should see the sky. “

Something You My Darling

With your memories
It is raining every day.
Punishment of love done
I am suffering.

What was the magic
First look at you
Is lost
I am in your captivity.

See you at lunch
Go to the heart garden flower.
Once upon a time you were a friend
Behave like me.

God Quote

Devotion to God No matter how much you think, you will not understand the secret of life. But, if we start walking on the spiritual path, we can understand the true meaning of life

Some true lines

You went away again.
You know, I cannot live without you.
I agree, anger comes.
But it was not for you.
She came in front of you, then she left.
Now your parents are not allowing you to meet.
I know. You will also not be able to stay.
I know you will stand at the window without me.
Now come, what kind of things are people talking about.
Love jihad and what – what a look.
I have brought this peacock with the help of a Vastu expert.
He said that by keeping it in the house, negative energy will end and positive energy will come.
Now understand where I am wandering to get you.
Just go home now that we can’t live anywhere without you

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