Humans should always keep learning. Always be happy ?πŸ₯€πŸ’’πŸ’’


Once time two people from the village decided to go to the city and earn money. After going to the city for a few months and doing small work here and there, they both collected some money. Then started his own business with those money. Both of them started their business. Within two years, both of them made considerable progress.

Seeing the business flourishing, the first person thought that now my work has stopped. Now I will go up the stairs of progress. But contrary to his thinking, he suffered a huge loss that year due to business fluctuations.

So far, that person flying in the sky has fallen on the surface of reality. He started searching for the reasons, because of which his business could not bear the brunt of the market. First of all, he found out the status of the business of the other person who started the business with him. He was surprised to learn that his business is profitable even in the midst of this ups and downs. He immediately decided to go to her and find out the reason for this.

The next day he reached another person. The other person respected him a lot and asked him the reason for his arrival. Then the first person said, “Friend! This year my business could not cope with the market. Had to suffer a lot of losses. You are also in this business. What did you do so that you made a profit even in this phase of ups and downs? ”

Hearing this, another person said, “Brother! I am just learning, from my own mistakes as well as from the mistakes of others. I also learn from the problem that comes up. Therefore, when the same problem arises again, I am able to face it well and because of that I do not have to bear any loss. Just to learn

It is the trend that keeps pushing me forward in life. ”

Hearing the talk of the other person, the first person realized his mistake. He was over-confident in his success and gave up learning. He returned with a vow that he would never stop learning. After that, he never looked back and went up the stairs of progress.

Learning- If you want to succeed in life, then keep learning it every moment as a school. There are new changes and new developments happening here. If we forget to consider ourselves omniscient, then we will fall behind in the race of life. Because the person who wins in this race is the one who keeps running continuously. Whoever gave up running, his defeat is certain. So keep the urge to learn in yourself, then any change, no fluctuation can stop you from moving forward.

Some Thoughts

Falling petals is the death of a flower,
The essence of life is to give fragrance even when dying
Living such a life is really gold,
But like you in this life
Got friendly.
So this life is yellower than gold

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