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My happiness is incomplete without you,
Think you are so important to me.
You make strange deals of love,
Smiled a little and bought.

For years, those who have lived in peace
What did the rent ask for today and was angry with us.
We just wanted to live a happy life.
We have learned love for this pain.

If branches continue, leaves will also come.
If these days are bad then good will also come.
There was no reason to cry or excuse to laugh,
Why have we become so big,
It was a better childhood time.
No matter how many books you read,
But peace is in your message.

May the relationship make us cry.
There is no deeper relationship with him.
The relationship that leaves us crying.
There is no weak relationship with him.
I like a garland,
Has threaded itself into you.
Remember, if we are broken,
So you will also be scattered.

We are like flowers,
They are helpless by their habit.
To the one who breaks,
Sentence of fragrance.

So you can be unfaithful to me,
Then there should be no infidel to you.
Break me like a glass,
Then there is no one to lift it.

The shit that is in my eyes.
Set it on fire
There is no wiper.
Make me stone like this,
Then there is no one to cut it.

Take me to the vortex in the kayak,
There is no one to save you.
Have vowed not to live without you.
Take away Ruh from me,
There is no one to receive my body.

Playing with emotions

The wind is my words,
Fly away today
Hand in hand,
Got along and went along.
To turn red,
Look at the feelings of sadness.
The creature now hides,
Looking at the moonlight.
Not visible,
Sadly my footsteps.
I see you always,
Giving me this tear.

Remember you,
By getting to the pain,
Sadness gains shore.
Eye’s tightens the drops,
When playing with emotions.
All the pleasures came,
While dragging.

Heart Touching lines

“Why do you need to get out of the house”
“What is the need to shake eyes with death”
“Everyone knows the outside air is a murderer”
“What is the need to get entangled with the killer”

“Life is a policy, take care of it”
“What’s the need to decorate graveyards”
“There are enough reasons at home to entertain”
“What is the need to wander in the streets”

God of broken things
How beautifully used,
Like it does,
Water when the cloud breaks,
The spray comes.

Farm when soil breaks
Takes the form and
A new plant when the seed is broken,
Is a structure of

So when you find yourself,
If you feel broken,
God use you
Of great utility,
Wants to do

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Heart touching and emotion shayari,Heart touching and emotion shayari


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