Heart touching lines 💘 and sad version of lovers shayari

Heart touching lines

This is his life
❣️❣️Lost in love❣️❣️
This spring, Rain, is saying love.
Desiring his heart in someone’s heart.❣️❣️
Life is infidel, 👫👫
Life is the fun of infidel robbery.
Heart touching lines 💘
What is beating my heart?
Heartbeat cannot count ..
Then where these holidays, then this night.
It is always coming Be drowned ..
This life belongs to someone who belongs to someone
Lost in love
Heart touching lines 💘

They fall on the money and see how Iman
Observe the passion of life.
This disaster on the world is very heavy.
It is closed to see all the houses in the country.
Don’t know how many are trapped in this whirlpool.
To see the plantation blossoming
Still on daughters.
Law will be caught watching.
About to reject our helplessness.
It was lovely to see you.

Heart touching lines 💘

Talk to someone for an hour,
And speak to her.
Let him be ashamed and ashamed of his cheeks,
And I have to look at her healthy face one at a time.
Without her knowing it, she should be close to her,
He should breathe and my heart beats.
Let me know my love for her without telling her.

One has to go near the waves to understand the price of the coast.
In order to assess the value of water, it is necessary to return to drought.
To understand the definition of love, it takes love.

Some expressions speak,
That meaning is not in every word.
The humid air cleanses,
It is not a simple recipe.
Some ties are distracting,
Not every relationship is love.
Every relationship wants love,
There is no need,
So there should be love in every relationship,
It matters a lot ..

Don’t feel lonely when …
When we are alone,
So he feels it.
When with you
Everyone is,
But she is not a person.
That you have
Want right

No matter how beautiful the face,
Even though those faces were crazy,
Just to attract
That face is used,
But if you want to have love,
No one wants to get mad forever,
But only the beautiful,
Can be used.
A beautiful heartfelt love
Even in the distance, the mind can not forget.
Because another beautiful face can be found,
But the beautiful mind is not easily met ..

Need a hint,
The heart needs an edge,
I’ll see you at every turn,
Where you need support.

Your love on the road to ❣️❣️death ❣️❣️

This is your favorite song
Even if you live.
So I bent over you.
You still remember the moment you met.
I want to be involved with you.
I know you’re lost.
How strangely mixed the two are.

Your absolute demeanor makes it laugh.
I am very involved in saying that.
Keep your distance from me
You are stuck stuck on these feelings.
No lust is in the mind.
How do you know?
They smell just like cigarette smoke.
The life of a few moments is theirs.
So you left them free to love me.

Heart touching lines 💘

Where can I find such an innocent mind?
So I’m afraid to be away from you.
Death is about to pass away.
Yet you are patient.
Maybe he wants me too young.
There is only one song on your lips lately.
Don’t go now but your heart is not yet full.
You have just arrived.
Really, you feel like you’ve just met me.

Why are you searching for me in your silence?
Ask your beats, one of my shelters is also there.
What was there on Labo.
He could not hear !!
Whenever we went to express love
He could not wait a little. They said those words!
Could not say it was a feeling.
Still could not say that it is our dignity.

Mood swings occur each time.
We are the ones who forget that there are four seasons.
Increase in stature, which seems bad.
He picks up his sun every evening.
Politics does not allow us to understand the truth.
Never gets a face, never gets duplicity.
They are just like him when they are upset.
We do not know sleep
Politics owes so much to people,
Snatches the eyes and then donates the glasses.
Sad heart lines

Heart touching lines 💘

Whenever this heart is sad,
Who knows what is around?
Lips speak quietly when,
Breath is moving very fast.
When the eyes are giving sounds,
Breathing in cold sighs!
Pictures float in the eye,
Your face took care of you.
Mirror sees me when
For an innocent question!
No promises but,
Why are you waiting?
Unnecessarily when the agreement is found,
Heart is very desperate!

“Hide” me in your sweet eyes,
Love is from you “steal” me.
Will you be sunken or will walk with you,
If you are not sure, try me.
We will bear your every grief by laughing.
Make me a “sheet” of your promises,
I have also given my life to you.
Just take me a few moments from the “chest”.
There is a smile in seclusion.
To hide one thing is love.
Like this, we do not sleep all night,
But it is love to wake up and sleep awake.
Despite being wrong,
It is not that difficult to prove yourself right.
As far as being correct.
Vindicate yourself

I love your fragrance.
I am seduced by everything.
Breath takes too long to come,
Miss you before every breath.
This is how we get lost in ourselves.
Weeping over the memories of the past
Can not sleep at night,
He falls asleep to see them in his dream.

Youth of your love

Youth of your heart,
  Keep it like that.
  Old age your life,
  Forget it like this.
  Now you don’t have any
  Wound up
  Paws all over you
  Good luck!

  This hug is yours!
  This color is yours!
  The sword is your song,
  Keep the lights on.
  You sargam happiness sad,
  How do you know?
  That tune is yours, mine too
  Keep blowing through the arteries.

  After seeing you,
  Incoming storm waves.
  Of your songs,
  Stay tuned!
  You are drunk
  Irresistible cup!
  Every blow dry,
  Keep the word flowing

  This evening without life!
  Lighting up now!
  The moon has risen!
  Keep Understanding the Sun !!

💔💔 Tune of love 💔💔

Soaked in moonlight.
Some talks.
Like fell from the eyelids.
And the water arose.
In the dark heart.
Something wavy.
Show riddles
Your eyes.
Smiles like this.

In the sunshine.
The tune of rain.
Like the gamut of drops.
And spread.
Rainbow c.
Something fluttered.
Stares at the eyes
Your eyes.
Smiles like this.

Drops of dew.
And the first ray.
Such as the aroma of flowers.
And got it.
To the garden.
Something blossomed.
Play butterflies.
Your eyes.
Smiles like this.

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