Again Heart Broken Love Shayari to Each & Every Lovers _ 3πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


I wish life was really a book
Can I read What will happen next?
What will I gain and with what heart will I lose?
When will you get some happiness, when will your heart cry?
I can tear those moments

who made me cry..
Adding a few pages whose memories have made me laugh.
Lost and how much was found?
how much could he calculate
I wish life was really a book,
Time goes by stealing the eye..
Broken dreams have to be decorated again with dreams

For a moment I smiled too,
I wish life was really a book.

Some lines to yours

I wish life was my book,
Mention would tear your pages.
The pen used to be ink,
I would have destroyed that glass vial.
Why did you help?
While taking care of myself.

Yes, falling somewhere
Lime on my way,
but believe me,
I would take care of myself.

Show that those things of yours,
I wish I could have recognized it earlier.
Reveal those secrets
Who was in your heart
I tell the truth
mention your
Would put it in your (life’s) book.

There will be a lot of sunshine in the journey, if you can tap, then go,
There will be a lot of crowd, if you can make a new path, then let’s go.
Suppose the destination is far away, if you can take a step, then let’s go,
The journey will be difficult, have faith in yourself.

Leave the search for safe paths, if you can tap in the sun, then walk,
If you can find life in small happiness then let’s go.
This is life, some dreams, few hopes,
If you can seduce yourself with these toys, then come on.

You are looking for light in the dark, if you can illuminate yourself then come on
Where will you be able to stop, if there is any passion left, then let’s go.
If you can share happiness by bearing sorrow, then come on.
If you can make others laugh by laughing at yourself, then come on,
Leaving the desire to change others, if you can change yourself, then let’s go.

Since long time ago

Know the sound of those footsteps long ago
O life to you, we recognize you from afar.
My eyes are also the life and faith of such infidels,
Those who take life and believe as soon as they meet.
Whom the world calls success or ignorance
At what cost do successful people take it?

Eyes – Badagaun, just like this, what do you have to say about your words?
Everything about you is filtered but carefully.
Health takes its toll when in deserted nights
In this way, we stretch the sheets of your memories
Even your own decision is not enough in love
How to pass even those who are determined in their heart

Hayate-ishq ka ek-ek nafas jame-martyrdom hai
They are well-known, and take someone easy.
Even in Hum Ahangi, there is a taste of Ikhtalafs
If you listen to my words, then they accept it.
Teri Maqbooliyat Ki Bajhe Wahid Teri Ramziyat
That when they believe in Him, when do they know whom?

Now consider it as Kufr or know it as Balandi-e-Nazar
We take human beings by giving to Khuda-e-Dojahan.
Whom Surat tells, gives the address of Seerat
The way you know by looking at the script
Will not let you lose in business-e-ulfat
We take every loss of our sir friend
Our every sight eats a new fragrance from you
So from your every sight we take a new message

someone from heaven

screaming in the house
Today again someone has come from heaven
First what is less crowd on the ground
who reached one side to die
happiness is spread all around
Congratulation congratulations are coming
Little innocent eyes are looking here and there

A body always remains a shadow
to keep me alive
loses her peace for the sake of peace
Mother is the real God
Can’t sleep all night from now
I don’t know what will happen next
Troubled mother scolded
The first bitter truths of life are being met

Let’s turn the city on our knees today
my benefactor how big is this world
wandering here and there all day
finally fall asleep
Today for the first time I have come out on my own feet.
Know where the whole city is running
no one has time to stay for a moment
come back home mom must be worried
I am an adult today
childhood youth old age
The news of the death of an elderly person came from the neighborhood
Man comes to earth only to die

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